Shipments and returns

How long does it take for delivery?
New Zealand: 3-5 working days
Australia: 10 working days

If I buy the wrong size garment, can I exchange it?
We'll happily exchange anything, as long as it's returned in its original condition. Send your garment back in its original condition, with a note stating: Your name, address, what size, style and colour garment you want to exchange it for. Once we have received your garment, we will dispatch your new order
Please Note: To save time and costs involved, please check our Sizing Chart before you place an order.
Please send to:
ONU World
PO Box 11334
Palm Beach

What happens if my order doesn't arrive?
If your garment should not arrive at its destination within the estimated delivery time please email us at orders@onuworld.com so we can place an enquiry with the postal service.